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Magic Luxury Camp - Merzouga Morocco

Magic Luxury Camp

If you come to the Merzouga Desert you can not miss the experience of a night in a desert camp. For most travellers, this is one of the most wonderful experiences in Morocco. We organize excursions to a luxury camp in the middle of the dunes. A unique space where you will enjoy the tranquility and Berber hospitality.

The camp offers a balance between the traditional Berber design and the current comfort. It has spacious fully equipped tents. The camp has a large restaurant Tent where you will taste the culinary Moroccan specialties.

The excursión starts in the afternoom when you will take a camel ride of around 1 hour to reach the camp. An experienced guide will take you during the ride. Once there you will enjoy the sunset from the highest dunes in Morocco. After that you will be offered moroccain tea and biscuits. Dinner will be served under the light of the moon and the candels. Tasty moroccain dishes are the menu for tonight.

After dinner live music will be played by the berbers in the camp. If it is too cold a bonfire will be fired. Typical berber drums will live up the evening. You will be able to see an incredible quantity of stars and shooting stars. You will sleep to your luxury jaima, good sleep is assured.

Soon in the morning we will wake you up to see the sunrise, in this case rising early will be surely rewarded. Afterwards we will take the camels that paciently spended the night in the “camels parking” and come back to the village.