Sand therapy or also curative burying in the sand called sand bath is an alternative medicine that suits people with rheumatism. Indeed this is literally sand bathing; it means burying himself for a few minutes in the very hot sand dunes of Merzouga.

Ancestral practice with many virtues, the sand bath would be effective against rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, and some skin diseases.

It is only necessary to dig a hole in the sand and lie down. You are then completely buried except for the head of course. The treatment lasts about ten minutes maximum and you are under constant medical supervision. The beneficial effect of this sand therapy comes from the heat and weight of the sand which increases blood pressure and causes soothing warmth without causing burns. Toxins are eliminated like the effect of the sauna, and all superfluous fats are eliminated. When leaving the bath, in order not to cool down too quickly, you are covered with a heated blanket. Massages and other treatments can improve the care also called cryotherapy.